T The Vintage Lamp in Foryu’s logo continues to provide light at our store. It is a symbol of our commitment to live by the light of integrity, which our founders have carried through the years. We continue to strive to offer quality, value, and service to our customers. Our passion is for our customers to experience happiness in finding that special item without spending a fortune, our consignors to count on us to find new homes for their cherished furnishings.

Our business continues to flourish, and we are blessed to have a growing clientele and business partners who have also become our friends and family. We are truly grateful for the support and trust and we are honored for the opportunity to serve our clients.

Our Team

We are proud to have a great team of staff members who can assist you in every step of the consignment and buying process. Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience with furniture and interior coordinating. Just like our store, our team is also unique and eclectic – come meet with our friendly team! We have lots of fun and laugher at our store.

For buyers, we enjoy sharing our knowledge on quality furniture construction as well as ideas of how you can furnish your home with our diverse and interesting inventory. We love to see our customers’ excitement when they find something special for their homes!

For consignors, we are experienced in evaluating your items and pricing fairly and competitively to sell within our consignment period. We stage your consignments with other beautiful furnishings, take detailed photos, and market your items on the Internet. We enjoy educating our customers about our inventory so they can appreciate what we are offering.